Rivers of Chocolate

I am still in a chocolate mood –this is the second post about chocolate in a row! Perhaps it is time to just call it a pregnancy craving and be done with it. Truth be told though, it is less about food cravings and more the “nesting phase” at this stage. I am physically exhausted, but I find myself, totally out of character, unpacking and repacking cupboards, “recycling” stuff still in boxes from our move four years ago, and making lists of foods that I can prepare in advance to freeze. If you know me well, you will worry about the hormonal imbalance so evidently on display in that last sentence!!

So, let me finish this blog so that I can do some filing and cleaning. I want to show you another innovative animation today. It is a stop frame edit done by South African photographer Russell Smith and food stylist Nikki Werner. I love the quirky music. Chocolate cake freezes well, does it not? 

PS. If you are reading the mail, click here to see the video.

Image credits: Russell Smith

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