A boy or a girl? We'll have to wait and see....

An old saying I’ve heard somewhere on my travels reads like this: “If you have a few true friends, a family who loves you, a roof over your head and the prospect of a meal this evening, then you are a rich man.”

I think this sounds clich├ęd because it rings true.

And I also think it was on display a few weeks ago when my sister was treated to a baby shower for her firstborn which is due in March.

Almost fifty friends, family members and colleagues descended on Lust Bistro on the farm Vrede en Lust outside Franschhoek in a lively, chattering, loving crowd. At the end of it my lasting impression was not the small mountain of gifts that the new baby Fourie will no doubt enjoy, but that Elanie was indeed a woman of great wealth – in love and in friendship.

Image credits: Madre Steenkamp, Elanie Fourie and Nani Kornelius