Changes to this blog

For the past couple of months, this blog morphed into a bit of a mommy blog with loads and loads of portraits of my kids. I realised that I missed sharing snippets of our lives, our attempts to be tourists in our own town and our travels to other parts of the country and sometimes even the rest of the globe. 

In an effort to bring back the joy and excitement this blog provided to me in the past, I've decided to split this blog into two parts. From now on, the portraits of the kids will live on a brand new blog, called Daniel & Emma : a Mother's Journal. Original, huh? :-) You can link to the website here. All the kiddie posts previously posted on this blog will be deleted and transferred to their new home.

On this blog I will still tell you about the places we are lucky enough to visit, celebrate this city we live in and make recommendations for things to do with kids around here. I would love to hear your opinions and recommendations on the direction this blog could/should take, so feel free to leave a comment or send me a mail.