Kamers Vol Geskenke – pure gorgeousness

Yesterday I took the trip out to Irene for Kamers Vol Geskenke (read about it here). I went to the Lourensford event last year, so I knew what to expect, but wandering through the “Kamers” left me amazed and overwhelmed again to see just how extremely creative and beautifully presented this fair is. What a great way to showcase local talent!! 

The Open Window School of Visual Communication was a great venue for the event, although to be honest, some of the areas are a bit overcrowded. However, if the claustrophobia should hit, simply move forward a bit and you are immediately distracted by yet another beautiful stall. 

I loved the ambiance of the occasion, especially sitting under the big tent sipping my home made lemonade and listening at all the laughter around me. If I had more time, I would have definitely ended up at the outside seating areas under the bunting – the Design Team’s beautiful throws on the terrace looked so inviting! 

My favourite item at the show was the “rosette” made from paper at the Okasie stand. The girls from the ‘Life is a Carnival’ stand had me in awe with their quirky styling (actually, it made me so snap-happy, that I think I will show you their stuff later this week in a separate blog). So, without any further ado, let the visual tour begin: 

It is worth a venture out to Irene because I can guarantee you there is literally something for everyone. For me, it was a beautiful wire frame antelope (I turned a few amused heads in the parking lot walking with this life-sized antelope under my arm :-), lots of inspiration and a proudly South African beat to my heart!!!

Image credits: All photography by me

It's that kinda day....

Just in case you are wondering why I am so slow with my blog today, it is just one of those days...

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Events in my neighbourhood - Kamers vol geskenke

OK, so maybe Irene in Pretoria is not really "my neighbourhood", but I can get there with the Gautrain, so that is close enough!!

This week the “Kamers Vol Geskenke” (literally translated, this means Rooms Full of Gifts) team brings this very popular event to their new venue, the Open Window School of Visual Communication in Irene.

KAMERS is always a colourful celebration of local creativity, innovation and talent, and has proven to be a runaway hit in the Cape Town area, where it originated. The variety of things on show is such that there isn’t really an emphasis on anything in particular: here you will find handcrafted wear, jewellery, gourmet products, ceramics, soft furnishings, tableware, d├ęcor accessories, designer garden gear and clothing. KAMERS is all about high end true craft. So much inspiration (and shopping) on offer!

The show is on from the 29th of November until 3 December, 09:00 – 18:00. For directions click here.

Visit their website or Facebook page.

 Image credits: All photos from The Pretty Blog via Kamers Vol Geskenke

il Giardino Degli Ulivi - The garden of olives

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am so in awe of Josh Groban after yesterday's concert, but that is another story. Back to 44 Stanley....

il Giardino Degli Ulivi is an Italian restaurant situated amongst the olive trees in one of the courtyards at the vibrant 44 Stanley precinct (you can read more about 44 Stanley here). I don’t think it is possible to pop in here just for a quick bite - no, this is one which just begs for the spend of a long lazy afternoon. It is just that kind of restaurant. Even in winter, they light fires in braziers to make it perfectly cosy and impossible for you to hurry your meal.

What I also notice every time we go is how family friendly it is. Kids play in between the tables and under the olive trees, try their hands at pentanque and my little one loves the swirling fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Add to that the live music on Sunday (played by writer Rian Malan and his gypsy-jazz band, Ensemble Borsalino) and the place just oozes atmosphere. On Friday nights their band plays fabulous Roots, Bluegrass and honky tonk music – perfect music for those after-work-sundowners under the fairy lights.

The Italian menu includes fantastic starters such as bruschettas, cheese platters and also, a collection of great salads. The pizzas with their paper-thin crusts are made in a wood fire oven and all pastas are home-made.

There are only a few restaurants, I think, where location, menu and atmosphere all equally add to the experience. This is one of them.

44 Stanley Avenue
Phone – 011 – 482 4978

Visit their website or Facebook page.

Image credits: All photography by me

Sunday Edition #7

We’re off to go and see Josh Groban at Sun City with friends. My friend Retha is babysitting and she is taking Daniel to the Boswell Circus!

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FoodWineDesign at Hydepark

Earlier this week I mentioned the FoodWineDesign Fair as one of the events in my neighbourhood worth visiting, so taking my own advice, I spend yesterday afternoon at the fair. It is on until Sunday, so you still have time to visit it. There was so much to see, so I snapped away. Here are some of the photos.


The design section: 

The Food section:

The Wine section with great outdoor areas (all on the Hydepark Shopping Centre rooftop!):

Even a bit of celebrity spotting (the guy in the back with the red and white stripe shirt is married to my cousin :-):

Lastly, my favourite exhibitor at the fair was Missibaba – I would love their workhorse bag as a Christmas present (husband, are you reading?).

Image credits: All photography by me