Collectors Treasury

Just before you get to the Maboneng precinct in the Johannesburg CBD, located at the eastern end of Commissioner Street, lies one of those places I think very few Joburgers know of. Collectors Treasury dates back to 1974 and it is the largest second hand bookstore in the southern hemisphere. But having said that, don’t picture a huge warehouse style bookstore with endless shelves that run up and down. No, this store has over two million books, stacked with very little order, in the corridors, on the floor, in between shelves and on top of boxes. The three floors of the eight story building that are open to the public are a treasure trove of books, books and more books, antiques, old prints and maps. Some of the floor space is dedicated to half a million vinyls!

I unfortunately had very little time to spend in the shop between two appointments, but when you visit, allow for a lot of browsing time. At first it is a bit overwhelming. But as a friend remarked when I said I visited the store : “You don’t find a book in there, a book finds you.”

Collections Treasury
C.T.P. House 
244 Commissioner street

Their books are also available online through and You can like their Facebook page here.

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