Love locks....

Last week my parents were in town en route to France to visit my brother. My dad showed me their own version of a love padlock he had specially engraved for this trip. And I absolutely LOVE it!!! On the one side it shows their names and if you turn it around it has “Britstown, ZA” engraved to say where they come from. On the sides of the lock they engraved “September” and 2012”. 

The two most famous spots in Paris were the love locks are on display are the Pont de l’Archevêché that spans the Seine just behind Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Pont des Arts, the small wooden footbridge closer to the Louvre. Its fenced sides have been garlanded with thousands of padlocks. Lovers write their names on the padlocks, lock it and then ceremonially throw the keys into the Seine to symbolize their everlasting love. Some, maybe the less optimistic ones, use combination locks 

My parents’ plan is to add their padlock to the Pont des Arts. Their hope is that it will be there long enough so that my brother will one day be able to take his French kids to show them the lock with their South African grandparents’ names on it…

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  1. Oh, that is so inspired....I love the engraving and your parents for coming up with this idea.