Pinteresting - from my Elegant Living board

I’ve blogged about Pinterest before (see here), but if you haven’t heard of it by know, you’re probably also not familiar with that great thing called the internet! Just joking, I am sure you’ve heard about the internet! :-)

Since I spend a lot of time at night feeding my little girl, I have a lot of time available to surf the internet, and believe me, I spend A LOT of that time on Pinterest. I pin all the things that inspire me and that I’m passionate about, so my boards include a fantasy wardrobe, ideas for my dream house, travel destinations and even concepts for my shop.

Today I’ve reached 540 followers on Pinterest (wow, thanks to everyone!), and it seems the two most popular boards are “When can I go”, a board with beautiful pics of travel destinations from all around the world and “Elegant Living”. Today I would like to share with you a few of the photos I’ve pinned to my “Elegant Living” board. If you want to follow me, click here.

 Image credits: Pinterest

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