Today I want to lead you into temptation! This particular temptation is called Pinterest and be warned, you'll be addicted in no time! 

Pinterest is a way to organise and share all those pictures you see on the internet. You know how we all rip pictures out of magazines and store it in files to use one day when we build our dream house, become a domestic goddess or actually use all the recipes (or those stick-figure outfit ideas on the insides of our cupboards)?

Well, it is the same thing, except it is on online.

You can create "pin boards" by "pinning" a link or picture that you want to file or share with friends. At the moment Pinterest is still by invite only, so send me an email to invite you or request an invite on their page (you can do it 
here). It takes a day or two, but then you can set up your profile and even link it to your current Facebook and Twitter profiles (one less password to remember!). 

Once you're on, the next thing you'll need is the "Pin It" button installed in your browser toolbar. This magic little button allows you to pin any picture you see on your online travels, stick it on to the boards you have created for yourself and start pinning.

Just remember, you cannot say it did not warn you! This little habit is seriously time and bandwidth consuming... 

The boards look like this:

To follow my boards, click on the button below:

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