When in Pretoria ..... Linen & Stone / Garden Bleu

To me, the lovely Garden Bleu in Greenside (see my previous blog here) is one of those shops that just inspires me whenever I have the change to visit and browse their beautiful wares. It stimulates all those “I-want-to-revamp-my-garden” senses and it encourages the decorator in me to make my home prettier. 

So, when we decided to visit Pretoria, their Duncan Yard shop was an obvious destination for us. Rhoda Kruger, the owner of Garden Bleu, expanded their range of products under the Linen & Stone label and the shop stocks a beautiful selection of home d├ęcor, fabrics and accessories. So, we harnessed Rhoda into babysitting Emma for a bit while my sister and I took photos of her beautiful shop. I especially love the beautiful sculptures by Marieke Prinsloo, Carol Slabolepszy and Rohan Janse van Vuuren. Actually, I got so carried away with taking photos of their Marieke Prinsloo sculptures that I will have to share that in a separate blog tomorrow....

You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

Image credits: Elanie Fourie and Nani Kornelius

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