Garden Bleu in Greenside

Somewhat tucked away behind other shops in 29 Gleneagles Road in Greenside, is a shop called Garden Bleu. Looking at just the name would let you believe that this is an outdoor accessories shop with garden furniture. And that much certainly is true. They do make beautiful French inspired wrought-iron and wood pieces and sell a range of designed Victorian garden art and outdoor accessories. But that only gives you a small hint at how interesting this shop is. Garden Bleu is so much more that after a first visit, the words ‘tucked away” apply to what you want to do with this treasure chest – you wish you could have it all to yourself. Their range of interior décor (read gifts to myself!) is truly beautiful. It is a joy to see the fine craftsmanship in each item artfully displayed in the shop between the bigger daybeds, gazebos, pot shelves and hanging chandeliers. They also stock art pieces by local artists Marike Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren.

This is definitely one of my all-time favourite shops. Even after only a bit of window shopping rather than actually buying anything, I always leave inspired to go home and make my own house just a bit more beautiful.

You can read their website here or follow them on Twitter.
Image credits: All photography by me


  1. One of my all time fav shops!

  2. will add to my must visit list when next in your area!