Mint from my garden

A couple of months ago our book club came together at my friend Tania’s house. She served a dessert that was utterly divine. We were all surprised at just how well the combination of mint and pineapple worked and it turned out to be the easiest of recipes. So, from my newly revamped herb garden, Daniel helped me to pick the mint and the two of us made this Jamie Oliver recipe. My boy loved bashing everything in the mortar and pestle!! 

All you need is:

1 pineapple

4 heaping tablespoons of caster sugar
1 handful fresh mint
Plain yoghurt

After finely slicing the pineapple, lay it out flat on a large plate. Pound the sugar and mint in a mortar and pestle until the sugar becomes green. If desired, drizzle the yoghurt over the pineapple and then sprinkle the mint sugar on top.

It’s that easy. 

I also found this great diagram from The Savory and it gives great tips on pairing herbs and fruits.

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