I told you a couple of weeks ago that I am on Instragram now and that I am hooked. It is such a convenient point-and-shoot camera on hand, since my phone is always with me. Plus, it is so easy to use and the filters do make those everyday snaps look incredible. Since my previous blog I’ve started using Statigram, a web-based app that allows a person to share his/her IG photos with non-IG users. So, if you are (... my mom or dad and ...) not on Instagram but still want to follow and interact with your friends and bloggers, this allows you to see all the photos in you feed, with the tags, comments, likes and even the filter used by the Instagrammer. One of the cool features that are available on Statigram is the ability to pin photos to your Pinterest account. Most of the other social sharing buttons are also on Statigram. 

Below are a few more of my own IG photos, all taken with an iPhone 5:

A few behind the scenes photos from Diner enBlanc

1. Setting the table for our monthly book club 
 2. Coffee with the in-laws in the lovely Parkhurst 
 3. Daniel decided Britstown (in the middle of the Karoo where my parents live) needs an airport. In his design the airport is bigger than the town. We get the impression he does not like the 8 hour drive :-)
 4. Daniel after playing in the rain, drip drying in the doorway

1. Setting the table for the tea after Emma’s baptism 
2. Escaping the cabin fever on a Saturday afternoon with coffees at the Citizen Café
3. Picnic in our own garden. Emma is at that stage that her toes are her favourite toy 
4. A beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband on our wedding anniversary. 

So, if you want to follow me on Statigram, click here.

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