40 years of Transkaroo: My family

My immediate family likes to take pictures. Anybody who was at the party would tell you that might be the understatement of 2013…! We love it. As in: taking the photos rather than having our photos taken. But, dress us all up as we did for this party and you can be sure we are ready to pose. Before the guests for the party arrived, we gathered in the courtyard, all dressed in white - even baby Auguste in his skinny white jeans :-). Under the canopy of white jasmine in full bloom and the lanterns shining bright, we took a few family photos. I just had to share them because, in all honesty, how often do you get your entire family to all dress up and get dolled up for a bash at the same time these days? The results, if I may say so, flattered us :-)





  1. How very beautiful! The last image of you and your poppet is perfection. I hope your week is an especially lovely one :) x

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