When you give a camera to a 6-year old...

Here is the last post about the 40 years of Transkaroo party. As I mentioned before, I gave my old camera (a Canon Power Shot G12) to Daniel on the evening of the party so that he could also take pictures. The angle from his 1.2m height provides a very different perspective, although often less than flattering with everyone’s double chins on display! But I just loved his enthusiasm! I love what he deemed important enough to photograph and how the people smiled back at him. I love how the poor cat and dog were stalked. And the photos of the traffic in the street made me smile. Apparently he was a traffic officer manning the speed camera!

So, sometimes slightly blurry, slightly out of focus, but not bad for a first try. Here is Daniel’s version of the evening (no photo editing).

Image credits: The first one by Callie Fourie, the others by Daniel Kornelius :-)

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe your kid took all these photos! He has one helluva talent and you should hone it!