Hello Istanbul

It seems I’ve lost my blogging mojo!! It’s been five weeks since my previous post. But what better way to get back on the wagon than sharing the photos from our trip a week or two ago to Turkey.

My husband and I roped the grandparents in for a week of babysitting and the two of us slipped away to spend four days in Istanbul and three days in Cappadocia, in the centre of Turkish Anatolia.

We arrived by plane in Istanbul to see this beautiful city with its famous skyline sitting on top of seven hills. It was basking in beautiful sunlight and from the air we saw the Bosphorus and Golden Horn rivers splitting the city into two, making this the only city in the world that spans over two continents. On the one side is the Marmara Sea and on the other the Black sea. We saw modern skyscrapers and endless minarets, including the famous ones of the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofya. On the Bosphorus we saw the big oil tankers from the Baltic Countries, small tourist boats and many ferries crossing over to the other continent.

Once we started exploring we were immediately overwhelmed by the incredible history of the place. Over the past 16 centuries, Istanbul has been the capital of four empires and probably one of the most fought-over patches of land on the planet.

For the next couple of days we (my husband and his good memory must help to tell this story) will take you on a trip with us to relive every day that we spend in this truly interesting, rich in history, city that is Istanbul.


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