Le Tour

This is not often a very ‘here are some pictures of my family’ blog, but today I am happy to make the exception. Recently, on a family trip to my parents’ home, we took the opportunity to surprise Daniel with a Tour de France-themed party for his seventh birthday – a sort of family-only pre-birthday bash.

And it turned out beautifully, mainly thanks to my sister who made everyone wear cycling kit, who served the drinks in bidons, who helped me make the Tour jerseys bunting, and who gave Daniel almost a dozen little cycling themed gifts to unwrap.

Add to that an awesome (no, really awesome, you should have seen the stitching detail that was added to the icing) yellow jersey cake that my mum procured, and you have the makings of a very surprised, loved, and happy little boy – making us smile at a seven year old who knows how to incorporate the words “gruppetto” and “mountain top finish” into normal conversation!

Image credits: Elanie Fourie and Callie Fourie

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