When in Provence ..... Bastide Le Mourre

One of the reasons for going to Provence (and one of the reasons why so many Englishmen with money buys a house there) is because the place is just IMPOSSIBLY beautiful. It really is like living in the world if you could sit down and design the most beautiful world you can from scratch.

And so when you come to Provence you dream that your accommodation will deliver this for you: a week in a perfect world. Let’s see: just above a vineyard, just below an olive grove, in the shade of a centuries old oak tree, looking out to a 14th century castle on a mountainside in the distance, surrounded by lavender and tall conifers, maybe?

However, knowing that the real world is the real world, what you don’t expect is to step into this world when you arrive. Not approximately, but exactly that. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


Bastide le Mourre, pictured in the photos above, is a 16th century country house. These days, as a holiday destination, the house has five self catering units attached to the house itself. However, our house for the week was the old mill, which sits about a hundred meters distant from the main house. To us, it was rather awesome to be living in this charming converted old building which offered a fresh new charm to us and made our week in Provence that much more special.

I booked it here.

Image credits: All photography by me

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