When in Provence ..... Roussillon

Almost all the towns I’ve shown you in the past week seem to have been brushed with a honey coloured stone paint. If you drive towards the hilltop towns, or if you drive next to the Mountain ranges, especially the Luberon and the Alpilles, the limestone colours seem to flow from one valley to the next.

However, you will always find exceptions, and in the Vaucluse the dramatic Roussillon with its 17 shades of ochre is just that! It is amazing to drive towards the town, and all of a sudden the reddish “mountain” with a town on top of it makes you wonder if you had too much rosé at lunch :-). Go closer and you will notice that the whole village glows in the afternoon sun and all of a sudden Provence gives you a new palette of colours - reds, yellows, oranges and pinks.


Image credits: All photography by me

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