I turned 40 in January. I learned then that what seemed from the far off thirties like a massive turning point is really not that big of a deal. Life is good. Turning 40 is, however, a fantastic excuse to get the house doled up for a great party.

My husband turns 40 soon, in mid-April. After throwing about some ideas, we settled on Thai food and the rest of the party kind of set itself in motion from there - including my favourite part, the lights about which I wrote here.

As always, however, to paraphrase a well known expression: you can dress up a girl as a ballerina, but then she still has to dance...a party is made by the people. And our friends came through in fine style, including a surprise visit from one of my husband's closest friends, Jan, who flew in from Cape Town literally only for a couple of hours on the day that his own wife celebrated her birthday!

If it is true that you are known by the company you keep, then my husband is a lucky man. Many of the people there thanked us for the great time they had in the days following. In truth, we have to thank them for coming to celebrate with us, gracing our home with their presence and lighting up the night as much as the lanterns overhead.

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