I hope you had a wonderful Easter long weekend. Mine was certainly fantastic. We had the best possible family time together – maybe it is because our little family of three is about to be “invaded” by a little girl in about two weeks’ time that I am extra nostalgic about the “just us three” time together. It seems to me that we just lovingly smiled at Daniel all weekend long, enjoyed every joke and observation (his interpretation of the meaning of Easter just left me speechless and amazed) and listened with more patience than normal to the “negotiations” (he tried to convince us that since Easter is three days long, he should receive three Easter eggs).

On Friday afternoon we went to a Cirque du Soleil show and the result was that Daniel’s hoola-hoop came out of hiding for numerous performances for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday we tried to go to the Irene market in Pretoria, but it seems everyone in Pretoria had the same idea and after hours in the traffic we gave up. We ended up taking Daniel and his little friend to play ten-pin bowling since we promised them an outing. The ball was bigger than their heads, but they loved it! The boys went riding on their bikes in the Botanical Gardens and had a picnic in the park. We went out for lunch, out for a supper at a Chinese restaurant and had take-away at home. We made croque-monsieurs one day, French toast another and had hot-cross buns on the patio (Oh Bread, how do I love thee?!). Under normal circumstances I would have wanted a weekend away for Easter, but in this case the contented feeling of togetherness supplied all the adventure needed….

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