A big brother is born

On the 17th of April, our little family was joined by Emma, 3.25kg at birth. She made her first high pitched sound at around 12:30. My sister, who spent the morning with me in the hospital, went to fetch Daniel from school. When that little boy walked into the room and saw his baby sister for the first time, every adult in the room’s heart just melted. His whole demeanour became soft and loving and in awe of the little person entering his life. He held her, kissed her gently and softly sang the song he made up for her a few months ago. He’s been singing his song to my stomach for months and was in wonderment when she became calm in his arms as he sang. At that moment my little baby boy became the big brother….

PS. I can’t post this blog about Emma’s birth without thanking my support team. My sister, behind the camera and slightly overwhelmed by the pinkness of the newborn (hence all the black and white photos J), and our friends, Johnny and Retha, made sure that I was kept company, that Daniel was taken care of and that for the three of us, becoming four was as smooth as possible! 


Image credits: Elanie Fourie

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