A holiday in the bush

Our friends, Jan and Janneke, invited us to join them for an extended long weekend at their bushveld house situated on the border of the Kruger National Park. The house is located right next to the Crocodile River and we were treated to daily sightings of hippos going in and out of the water, a variety of other larger and smaller game, and all the bird species you can shake a stick at. The most memorable was the “resident” elephant parade that crossed the river to our side to feed on the trees 10 meters from the veranda!

Now, this alone would make for a memorable break, but to add to all the excitement my husband got to play the fabulous Leopard Creek golf course (twice) – his scores adding to our long-running suspicion that, if he were a professional golfer, we would starve. As for Daniel he could not believe that his earth-moving toys were not allowed in those vast expanses of manicured sand!

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