Baby massage

For the past four weeks Emma and I attended a baby massage class once a week. I loved it!! Of the five senses, touch is the one that’s most developed at birth. Therefore it is not surprising to learn that this form of sensory stimulation has a long string of benefits. It relaxes the baby and can help with sleeping. It can ease digestion problems and teething pains, helps with muscle development and improves immunity. But the best part is the lovely bonding and closeness with the small little body. I felt empowered by this new skill and can recommend it to all the new moms out there. 

Below is a video clip from the local TV program, The Dr Mol Show, that shows Tina in her studio demonstrating how to massage your baby. She also explains the benefits for the baby.

You can read more about Tina’s Child centre on her website or Facebook page.


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