When in the Breede River Valley ..... The Robertson Small Hotel

During our eight days in the Breede River Valley, we treated ourselves to a two-night stay at the Robertson Small hotel. Let me start off by saying that this place won the award for Best Luxury Country Hotel in South Africa, at the World Luxury Hotel Awards in both 2011 and 2012. Think about the competition they had to beat to win that for just a minute!

Now, having created the expectation, I feel I am not eloquent enough to sing the praises of this exquisite place. It was luxurious, chic and quaint with all round amazing attention to detail. It’s a special kind of place that puts a Robert Frost poem on your pillow and then proceeds to turn down the camping cot for Emma while we are at dinner! Add to that the fact that well known chef Reuben Riffel has a branch of his restaurant in the hotel , and the sheer ‘overwhelmingness’ (it is a word, I just invented it) of the place starts to become apparent.

I will let the photos below and their website (click here) speak for themselves, but a last thought would perhaps be that if this hotel sat in the centre of Cape Town, it would still stand out there. The fact that only a decades old oak tree obscured our view from the terrace to the Langeberg, and then finding this quality…we should not have been surprised, but we were. And then we were delighted. And then we started to think up excuses to come back.

You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

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  1. Iewers tussen my "things-to-do list" en my "bucket list"!