My week in Instagram

I recently upgraded my phone and almost the first thing I did (after my husband did all the boring set-up stuff for me) was to add Instagram to my phone. Now, a week later, I am still figuring out which filters I like best, if I like the borders or not and how to compose pictures using my phone. I just love it and seem to have a compulsive need to check for new pics on my feed every few minutes. It is a wonder that I get anything done with so many online distractions!! 

Here are a few photos from last week:

1. Emma received this charming night light from her French aunt who tells us that this bunny is in every cool Parisian baby room. 2. It’s been a very tough week at home with colds and flu. Daniel spent four days at home and I had to play more than one round of snakes and ladders. 3. Emma could not escape the germs, but she still manages to smile! 4. The love between the two siblings is beautiful. Daniel calls her his “baby girl”.

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