Life is a Carnival at Kamers Vol Geskenke

I told you on yesterday's blog about Kamers Vol Geskenke at Irene. In amongst all of the stands all competing for attention, one of them in particular had me in awe and my finger on my camera. It is difficult to explain in words why this one, out of all the amazing, arty and colourful stands, grabbed my attention so much. Maybe it is because their products are fun, well made and stylish. Maybe it is because they had me the moment they gift wrapped an actual protea for someone in the most beautiful way! Maybe it was the use of the scrabble pieces. But, in the end, it could be that the main reason is their quirky styling, which resulted in such an eye catching “carnival”. It is an eclectic mix of items and they re-funked old pieces of furniture and accessories. The colours and textures all added to the overall look.

My words may still be not enough, so here are the images from “Life is a Carnival” at Kamers Vol Geskenke.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

Image credits: All photography by me

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