Kamers Vol Geskenke – pure gorgeousness

Yesterday I took the trip out to Irene for Kamers Vol Geskenke (read about it here). I went to the Lourensford event last year, so I knew what to expect, but wandering through the “Kamers” left me amazed and overwhelmed again to see just how extremely creative and beautifully presented this fair is. What a great way to showcase local talent!! 

The Open Window School of Visual Communication was a great venue for the event, although to be honest, some of the areas are a bit overcrowded. However, if the claustrophobia should hit, simply move forward a bit and you are immediately distracted by yet another beautiful stall. 

I loved the ambiance of the occasion, especially sitting under the big tent sipping my home made lemonade and listening at all the laughter around me. If I had more time, I would have definitely ended up at the outside seating areas under the bunting – the Design Team’s beautiful throws on the terrace looked so inviting! 

My favourite item at the show was the “rosette” made from paper at the Okasie stand. The girls from the ‘Life is a Carnival’ stand had me in awe with their quirky styling (actually, it made me so snap-happy, that I think I will show you their stuff later this week in a separate blog). So, without any further ado, let the visual tour begin: 

It is worth a venture out to Irene because I can guarantee you there is literally something for everyone. For me, it was a beautiful wire frame antelope (I turned a few amused heads in the parking lot walking with this life-sized antelope under my arm :-), lots of inspiration and a proudly South African beat to my heart!!!

Image credits: All photography by me

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