French inspiration at Morrells

Just before I left for South America (I will start sharing all the blogs about that great trip tomorrow), I went to the Morrells Estate just down the road from me. Situated in Weltevreden Road in Northcliff, the estate belongs to Mike and Bernice Morrell, who started by restoring the first house ever built in Northcliff. Then a dairy farm, it is now a beautiful guesthouse, called – appropriately - the Farmhouse. Across the road, another beautiful old Manor House was developed into luxury accommodation, all in French Provencal style. But the reason for my visit was the Morrells Boutique Venue, which must surely be one of the most beautiful venues in all of Gauteng.

The garden was the first thing that enchanted me – they planted mature olive trees to make a beautiful olive grove. So now it’s a quite genuine patch of southern France in the heart of Northcliff, and it is a delightful surprise for someone who expects to find just another venue, only to be confronted with something that obviously benefitted from an eye for detail and a lot of dedication.

The areas of the venue that I photographed below, are “La Maison”, a beautiful piano room, “Le Grange” which is a larger function room with an outside bistro and “La Chambre”, a Parisian tea room.

The Boutique Venue was full of amazing images in itself, and so I will have to return another time for the Farmhouse and the Old Manor house.

Corner of Weltevreden Road & Scott Street,

You can visit their website here.

Image credits: All photography by me

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