When in Rio ..... visit a feira

Walking around in Rio, you immediately notice quite a few colourful “feira”, or fruit markets. It was in the R. Henrique Dumont market in Ipanema that I took some time to have a good look around and I was amazed to see such a host of exotic fruit. I later read that Brazil is the country with the most fruit in the world. I saw strange things, such as fruta do conde (in crates in the picture below), mangosteen and noni fruit. I watched how a vender cracked open green coconuts to decant coconut water into a bottle for his customer (well, I always thought a coconut is filled with coconut milk, but I’ve now learned that it is actually made by grinding the coconut meat and pressing out the liquid) . I also learned that avocados are not used in salads by the locals, but rather for desserts and milk drinks.

Looking back at it now I realise that visiting the market turned out to be a great way to interact with the locals and to learn more about the country. Plus, I saw where my favourite barman gets all those limes from!

Image credits: All photography by me

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