When in Cape Town ..... Skinny Laminx

Just because I said you probably would like a rest from all the beautiful Stellenbosch places, did not mean that will include posts about Cape Town! But, and this I solemnly promise, tomorrow’s post will go back to being about everyday life in Joburg….

I visited the new Skinny Laminx shop and studio in Bree Street, Cape Town. Let me first say this: I love Bree Street – many side walk cafes and eateries, décor spaces, beautiful architecture, perfect for pedestrians strolling down Cape Town’s streets (have a look at Andrew Brauteseth’s photographic blog that documents life on Bree Street - www.breestreet.co.za). The location is just perfect for Heather Moore’s new shop. She converted a scooter repair garage into her studio (I love the skylights!) and added a beautiful shop front that allows the customer to see all the action in the workroom.

Heather creates works of art with her beautiful Skandi-tinged designs. She then screen prints them onto fabrics before making beautiful homeware like tea towels, cushions, table runners, tablecloths and aprons. The fabrics are also available by the running meter for home furnishing use.

My shop, Tapenade Olive Shop in the Cresta Shopping Centre, recently started selling her products, so I was eager to go and see the shop for myself. Luckily for me, Heather was in the shop and I had the opportunity to meet her. What a lovely girl!!! What I find inspiring about her is the way she is building her business – it started with a couple of tea towels sold at a market, then a very successful online shop that gained enormous popularity internationally, and now the brick version. It all seems to reflects her sparkling personality. Congratulations on a beautiful shop, Heather!

In case you are, by now, super curious about the name - Skinny Laminx was derived from the playground chant, ‘skinny malinky long legs’ and named after Heather’s skinny Siamese cat, whom she sometimes calls Minxy.

Skinny Laminx
201 Bree Street
Cape Town

Visit the website here of like their Facebook page.

Image credits: All photography by me

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