Paris Postcard: Le Printemps

It is Friday and time for a weekly Paris Postcard.

Paris is home to some of the world’s most famous department stores. One of the first such stores in Paris was Printemps, created in 1865. Today the shop is the largest beauty department store in the world with 45,000 square meters of shopping. This shop is responsible for a couple of retail business strategies that we take for granted today. They invented fixed prices, for one. At that stage prices were decided by haggling based on customer appearance. All of a sudden, customers did not have to bargain every time they wanted to buy something; they just paid the set price!

Printemps also pioneered the idea of discount sales to clear out dated stocks and the use of window models to display the latest fashions.

PS. If there is one word that I make my French sister-in-law repeat over and over, it is Printemps. My South African tongue with its guttural g’s and rolling r’s just cannot seem to pronounce it correctly :-)!! To hear the correct pronounciation
, click here

You can visit their website here of like their Facebook page.

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