When in Cape Town ..... Frieda's

With a morning to kill in Cape Town all by myself, I decided to explore Bree Street. I had grand ideas of walking up and down the street, popping into shops, stopping for a coffee or two or three … just chilling, you know, lady-at-leisure-ly. Alas, it was not to be. My day started late when my rental car’s battery did not like the fact that I left the lights on overnight :-). By the time I arrived in Bree street at the bottom of the road, after paying the car guard the parking fee (is it just me, or is it seriously expensive!?), the rain started to drizzle. I popped into Frieda’s for my first cappuccino of the day. Frieda’s is a very bohemian deli in a funky long warehouse-style space decorated with retro furniture (think Formica tables and chairs), old sofas with bits of cloth, vintage display cabinets (I like the old radios!) and funky old South African kitsch. I only had a coffee, so I cannot really comment on the food, but the menu looked good.

By the time I left Frieda’s, the rain went from a drizzle to something that would have daunted Shackleton, I kid you not. The rest of Bree Street will have to wait for the next Cape Town trip…..

You can visit their website here

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