High end shoes out of a low bed truck

A week or two ago an American friend was in town. To show her a bit of Johannesburg and to experience the local vibe, I took her to the Neighbourgoodsmarket in Braamfontein. We had a fantastic time at the market. We also visited the funky Juta street shops and watched the world go by from our window seats in Post over a great cappuccino. On our way back to the car, we noticed a very funky Feiyue shop …. in the back of a mobile truck!

Feiyue is a French canvas sneakers brand. The brand started in the 1920’s, but was re-launched in 2006. A local entrepreneur brought the product to South Africa and is marketing the shoes in very different and interactive ways. One of them is the creation of a Mobile Unit with a Feiyue shop inside. The truck was parked outside the market in Juta Street. On the outside of the truck Jozi barbershop paintings are used to grab passers-by’s attention. And it did exactly that – we loved this way of marketing the shoes, which no doubt contributed to our new-found love of the shoes themselves! 


You can visit their Facebook page here.

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