Riding with a purpose

On Sunday it was the Momentum 94.7 cycle challenge, an almost 95km cycle race through the streets (and highways!) of Johannesburg. About 27,000 riders (and a lot of spectators on the side of the road) braved the heat.

My husband and our friend, Johnny both did the race supporting a cause. My husband, an “Alley Cat”, raised money for MES, a Christian social development organisation that works in the heart of Johannesburg with vulnerable children and adults. Their goal is to enable them to change and live sustainable lives. Johnny’s was a CHOC Cow, dressed for the occasion in his cow-printed cycling kit and his bike sporting a cow bell (my husband said that bell was great because he always knew where his buddy was!). The CHOC Foundation provides support for children suffering from cancer, and look after the kids’ families as well.

We took our kids to support their dads. With loud “MOOOOS” every time a rider passed in a cow suite, and smiles at the other outlandish costumes (I loved the pink wings on the people supporting breast cancer!), it was a great day out. We saw people on “post office” bicycles complete with a basket in front, unicycles (!!!), tandems and even people pulling others behind them in small buggies.

So, a few days later, the husband is still nursing sore muscles, but it was definitely worth the pain. I am super proud that he (and J) used the ride to make a difference! Well done!


You can read more about MES here or the CHOC Foundation here.

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