Melissa’s has opened in Parkhurst

We’re not exactly a country with a poor food heritage, and so you would have thought that many, many shops or deli’s would have been eager to take the best of what we have and put it on display. And yet what Melissa van Hoogstraten did when she opened her first shop in Cape Town in 1996 seemed revolutionary: a person with great taste and an eye for the best that SA has to offer a foodie, packaged very simply so that the products speak for themselves.

Finally, our favourite deli/food shop now graces us with its presence in Parkhurst, one of my favourite neighbourhoods (you can read some of my Parkhurst posts here and here). It is the perfect location for the first of many branches (we hope!) in Johannesburg.

I popped into Melissa’s and still on yesterday’s subject (on how to taste olive oil - see the post here), could not help but to be in awe of their packaging. Melissa’s branding has always been very impressive, with clean lines and simple, no frills labelling. I just adore the new olive oil canister with the olive leaf motive.

You can visit Melissa's website here.

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