This is the farm Kleinood

Last night we attended the opening night of the Sanlam Investments Food Wine Design Fair, which is being held in a marquee tent that occupies the top floor parking of Hyde Park Corner (See last year's photos here).

It's a mad rush of colour, sounds, flavours and smells, with all the stalls vying for attention. The heels are high, the fashions current and the conversation is knowledgeable. In this mad rush, it takes something special for a wine estate stand to stand apart from the crowd. Apart from its wines, that is. And so the small booklet, which sings the praises of Kleinood in quite a different language than the average brochure, with the pages of poetry and illustrations then exploding on to the walls to form the backdrop to the wine and olive oil, is something quite unique.

"These are the grapes so red and so ripe
That hang from the vines all luscious and green
That grow on the farm Kleinood..."

To read more about the fair, visit their website or Facebook page. For more on Kleinood, visit their website here.

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