Butter in Berario

From time to time the youth group at our church has cake sales to collect money for their activities. We usually make a beeline straight to the carrot cake baked by Janie Visser. So when we heard that Janie, together with her husband Pieter, opened a new coffee shop, showcasing her baking skills, this amounted to big news.

Butter is located in the small Berario shopping centre. The shop offers freshly baked cakes, including that famous carrot cake, breakfast quiches and daily specials as lunch offerings. The shop’s d├ęcor is charming with bright red enamel buckets as light fittings, colourful bunting and a fantastic wall feature with wallpaper depicting the multi-coloured houses of Burano.

On Saturday morning the four of us, in search of a decent cup of coffee, went to Butter. It has a wonderful neighbourhood feeling to it - the customers greeted each other and chances are very good that you will have had a chat with the owners before your cappuccino is done. For us, the decision Janie took to follow her dream after being a stay-at-home mum for 16 years means that we don’t have to wait for church events to have access to her talents, and that means that life is just that little bit brighter as a result.

Butter, The Bake Shop
Berario Shopping Centre
179 Arkansas Drive

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