When in the Breede River Valley ..... Mo & Rose

Here is the last blog about our great holiday in the Robertson area. I think I can hear you sigh in relief, because this one week holiday has already been relived for more than two weeks on the blog. Time to move on! -:)

We visited Mo & Rose at Soekershof, a stylish contemporary bistro in the Klaasvoogds area between Robertson and Ashton. An old barn on the farm was converted by a young European couple (he is German and she is Italian) into the restaurant and boutique guest rooms were built on the site. All the buildings, and the outdoor seating at the restaurant, look out onto a truly amazing succulent garden.

Maybe this place sums up our overall impression of Robertson: that it’s comfortable in its own skin, just being uniquely, stylishly and unapologetically itself without trying to impress anyone. But, of course, you do leave the valley impressed, and with plans to come back soon.


You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

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