When in Paarl .... Frater Square

As I said yesterday, this last week was all about nasal sprays, fever meds and sleepless nights. Not really bloggable moments! So today I am taking you back a couple of weeks in time with a quick detour to the weekend Emma and I spent in the Cape to celebrate my granny’s birthday (see here). 

My parents, my sister and I were all together on the Saturday. With very cold, miserable weather in the Cape we decided to have lunch at Fairview just outside Paarl. With an hour or two to kill before lunch, we stopped at Frater Square in Paarl for coffee and window shopping.

Built in 1845 as a pack-shed for fruit and farm implements, the lovely old building on the main street in Paarl has now been transformed into a lifestyle mall. In there you will find a deli, an outdoor shop, a baby boutique (we were just in time for their Sticky Fudge label sale!), a lingerie shop and a clothing boutique.

I liked two shops in particular: Daffadowndilly and Blanc de Blanc Living. Blanc de Blanc is an interior and decor shop and as the name says, their offerings are in beautiful shades of white.

Walking into Daffadowndilly was a treat. The vintage inspired gift and d├ęcor shop is beautifully merchandised and they have lovely items. I loved the wooden crates but flying back with a baby, her pram and car seat did not really allow for any more hand luggage :-(

You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

Image credits: Nani Kornelius and Elanie Fourie

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