I was shot in Joburg!

I first noticed the “I was shot in Joburg” initiative at Market on Main a couple of weeks ago. At the time it seemed interesting, but I paid some closer attention to this initiative after seeing an exhibition of their work at the Mosaiek Church in Fairlands last week. It turns out that this initiative is more than just interesting, and it’s something I’d like to share with you.

Bernard Viljoen is a Joburg based photographer that got involved with a group of boys from Twilight Children, a shelter for street kids in Hillbrow, in the form of a photography course. They took photos of their environment and it led to an exhibition at the end of 2009 at Arts on Main.

After that, Bernard took the project to a new level by helping them to generate an income and “I was shot in Joburg” was born. What makes this so inspiring is that this one person, using nothing but the skills and passion he already has, has made a real difference to this country. It’s a real example to all of us to look for ways to contribute, with a reminder that it would not require us to go and do something we’re not good at or don’t enjoy – what it would take is the willingness to not keep our talents to ourselves but share them!

You can book one of their photographers for an event or you can buy photos and other products at
Market on Main or online.

Visit their website or like their Facebook page.

Image credits: Photography by me

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