These boots are made for walking

This weekend I took Daniel to the nursery, and while I was browsing for new plants (will tell you all about this later) he managed to find a muddy pool and lots of laughter followed!

It seems this was the swansong for the old green wellies (the recent big growth spurt had to show somewhere), so of to the local Mias Angling shop for a new pair!

Our little “mud corner” has a new addition.

And since we are talking about new additions, allow me to throw a hint since Christmas is not far away. I was lucky enough to buy a pair of Hunter Wellingtons on an overseas trip a while ago, but I am super excited to see it is now available in SA too. You can buy it online now at or at some selected shops (phone 031 - 301 2464 to find a supplier). I like the Boa Snake animal print one…

The history of Hunters is quite interesting. In September 1856 Mr Henry Lee Norris, an American entrepreneur, registered the North British Rubber Company (which much later became known as Hunter Boot Ltd) in Edinburgh with a staff of only four people. By 1875 the company had grown to 600 people.

During World War 1 they were asked by the War Office to construct a sturdy boot suitable for the conditions in flooded trenches. The mills ran day and night to produce immense quantities of these trench boots. In total, 1,185,036 pairs were made to cope with the Army's demands (who counted?) Come
WWII, they were again called up to duty, but now their production not only included wellingtons and thigh boots, but a whole range of other war materials - ground sheets, life belts and gas masks making up the bulk of production.

Hunter's most famous welly, the original Green wellington, saw the light of day over 50 years ago in the winter of 1955. It was the first orthopaedic boot that they made.

Hunter remains the preferred welly brand for the British Royal Family, and if it is good enough for the Queen, it is good enough for me!!

In South Africa we tend to think of wellies as ‘gumboots’ and associate them with mining, fishing and William’s Wish Wellingtons. But the welly is useful, stylish (thanks to Hunters) and just plain awesome to share in priceless moments in muddy pools with four year-olds.

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  1. I love Winter in Cape Town because I can indulge my two loves - scarves and wellington boots!

    Sadly my boots (black beauties with purple flowers) just barely saw me through to the end of this winter so thanks for the heads up about Hunters! Luckily there's months for me to decide which of them are the most fabulous :)