Save Earth. It is the only planet with chocolate!

I love to say that I only eat chocolate if it is LINDT, but I can actually feel my nose growing while I’m typing here. And talking about growing body parts, I bought the new Lindt PASSION for the first time earlier this week at my local Woollies and MY GOEISTE!! It is (or rather WAS) filled with caramel pieces and sea salt…

Anyway, so much for the “bluffing-myself-with-my-own-stupid-little-rule” if a chocolate shop opens within walking distance from my house. Chocola J was opened a month ago by Nelia and Claudia (2 petite girls, I might add) in Beyers Naude Drive, Randburg close to the Impala flower shop.

Love their ADDICT CARDS where you can “earn you cake in cocoa”! Add to that the fact that the UK actually declared this week Chocolate Week (seriously, confirmed by Rudolph and CNN) and I tell you, life is good.

PS. Did I mention they serve Bean There coffee?? 

All photography by me.

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