Is this a Croc?

Up to now, I would never have considered a pair of Crocs for myself. I know, I know – it is comfortable, it is colourful, and the new designs are funky. However, especially the original boat shoe design was, to my mind, a good way for chefs or nurses to make it through a shift on their feet, but never a serious fashion statement. Having said that, my little boy is on his 5th pair, and I dare you to find a better shoe for a four year old out there!

The Crocs company was founded in 2002, when they starting making shoes from a revolutionary material called Croslite. What made it new to the footwear industry was that the Croslite technology allowed it to perform on both land and in water, so the company got its name after the multi-environment, amphibious nature of crocodiles.

Now, ten years later, it is estimated that Crocs has sold 100 million pairs of shoes to date. Their website shows 120 different designs for men, women and children!!

My point? It might be that I am about to convert this winter season. Just saw these Hover Lace-up canvas sneakers on their website. The foot bed is made with the Croslite material with circulation nubs.

The soccer-mum in me is shouting:”I WANT!” 

Visit their South African website here or like their Facebook pageTheir 10th Anniversary Promotion starts later this week....

Image credits: My Crocs

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  1. This 'soccer' Crocs looks great! I will for sure have a look in the shops (Ps. Also not a Crocs fan, ESPECIALLy those unladylike boat slip-ins)