When in Stellenbosch ..... Art at the Delicatessen

Many places in and around this town take what the surroundings have to offer and make it better. Tokara is inpirational to me because it takes a truly spectacular place at the foot of a mountain and manages to beautify it even further - this time with garden installations.

At the moment a range of beautiful sculptures are on display at the Delicatessen. They welcome you as you drive to the Olive Shed from Tokara winery. They are in and around the modern fountain. And they are alongside the permanent jungle gym (styled from branches) and the massive bird’s nest – any child’s dream playground. Add to that the 1 300kg sculpture of Nomkhubulwane, a massive elephant made from recycled rubber tyres and galvanised steel by artist Andries Botha, and Amusement Hare with his long ears (Guy du Toit’s giant rabbit), and any child will find themselves staring with wide-eyed wonder and a smile of delight.

Although the rest of the installation is also whimsical - its tough not too smile at a seven foot upside down man made of sticks - its nevertheless a collection that deserves serious attention.

The Delicatessen’s details are here

Image credits: Nani Kornelius & Elanie Fourie

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