Celebrating in style (sort of)

It was my husband’s birthday on the 16th of April. We decided to just have a family meal at home rather than going out or having a party, but since it was a celebration, I decided to make it at least a “fancy” occasion. I had in mind a beautifully set table, romantic candles, a three course meal and of course bubbles…..

On paper, in hindsight, that is exactly how one can describe the evening. Tick all of the above. But, in reality, things turned pear shaped when I made Daniel my co-event planner. His enthusiasm for the task on hand made me the troop taking orders from the general! In Woollies, he chose jelly and custard as a starter which he decorated with a strawberry. He insisted on putting all three our chairs on one side of the table so that he can sit in the middle. He is not yet familiar with the art of serviette folding, so brand new serviettes were given a crumpled look and then dumped on the plate. Cutlery was placed “somewhat near” the plates.

And you know what, it was awesome!!!! When last did you have two desserts as part of a three-course meal? The little man’s excited toast on his dad (with apple juice!) was the best gift received all day. It bonded our family together beautifully in something that was uniquely US, and for my husband it provided a perfect cap on a wonderful birthday.

Image credits: All photography by me

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