When in Port Elizabeth ..... Cupboard Love

My last blog on Port Elizabeth is about a shop called Cupboard Love, located in a little cottage at 17 Somerset Street, just a block away from Stanley Road in Richmond Hill. The shop started as a place for local Port Elizabeth artists and craftsmen to promote their handcrafted products. Today the owners still place emphasis on sourcing and developing unique products. So, walking into the cottage, with all the rooms being transformed by the interesting selection of ceramics, glassware, linens, skin products and kids clothes, it does not take long before you find that special, quirky handmade product that is just screaming your name, or to put it more accurately, contains a combination of quality, design and originality that makes it yours in your mind even before you’ve paid for it. 

Cupboard Love
17 Somerset Street
Richmond Hill
Port Elizabeth

Image credits: All photography by me

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