When in Tsitsikamma ..... visit the Big Tree

Oubos neighbours the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve. Being so close to one of South Africa’s national parks, we used the opportunity to show the kids a bit of the beautiful indigenous forest and its surroundings. So, off on an adventure or “aggetuur” as Daniel used to say. Our first stop was the Tsitsikamma Forest Big Tree situated just off the N2 between the Storms River Bridge and the Storms River Village turnoff.

The Knysna area and especially the Tsitsikamma Forest was once the center of a large timber industry that sprang up around the ancient yellowwood trees. These trees, some of whom were older than a 1000 years, were recklessly felled until the tree became an endangered species. Luckily for us, the Yellowwood is now South Africa’s national tree and one of the last “grandfathers” of the Tsitsikamma Forest is easy to access and appreciate after a short walk through the forest.

The Big Tree is approximately 800 years old (one of the oldest in South Africa), is 36.6 metres high and needs at least 8 people holding hands to circumference it. Neatly laid out boardwalks make it an easy 10 minute walk from the main road. OK, slightly less with our kids wanting to run ahead the whole time – at least we can report that they all slept very well in the car later that afternoon:-)!

Our next stop was the Tsitsikamma National Park, but you will have to wait for the next post to read more…

Image credits: All photography by me

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