Gone fishin'

I told you earlier that the kids (and a parent or two) went fishing. Retha first made them stand in a row on the beach to practice their casts and to show them how to carry their rods on the way to the fishing waters. It was such a cute sight so see the small kids concentrating so hard! After a few successful hours on the rocks, she gutted their prey for them before they came home to all pose proudly for a photo with their catch.

These freshly caught little strepies and some other fish you need to be a reader of Stywe Lyne to remember, smoked over a flame in a little smokebox, with a few mussels in a potent garlic sauce, turned out to be our best meal of the holiday! And let's not lose sight of the best part: our pre-school kids provided the meal with us sitting around having a glass of wine!!

It seems that even 4 year old fishermen somehow know to add a centimetre or two to the actual size of the fish in retelling their moms about their exciting successful outing. There is this famous quote from William Sherwood Fox in his 1954 book, Silken Lines and Silver Hooks: 

We ask a simple question
And that is all we wish:
Are fishermen all liars?
Or do only liars fish?

Image credits: All photography by me

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