Not all treasure is silver and gold

It was Oliver's birthday, and what better way to celebrate during a beach holiday than by having a pirate party! All the mateys (dressed to the absolute nines for the occasion) helped to decorate the “X-marks-the-spot” ice cream cake and luckily, the sugar rush from the “decorations” gave them the necessary energy to hunt for the treasure. They used their map and off they went to find driftwood X’s all over the beach, on the rocks and under the neighbour’s washing line. You might notice from the pictures that the parents were slightly less energetic, and that Luca looks like a little Dutch doll rather than a bad-ass pirate. However, the fact that we did not have paper gift wrapping the alternative, a sarong, actually lent the whole thing a nice authentic touch!

If you’re five years old, a party does not come any more awesome than this!

Image credits: All photography by me

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