My birthday tea

After a couple of scorching hot days earlier the week, (which my husband thinks was caused by my suddenly discovered enthusiasm for baking!) the weather on Saturday morning turned out perfect – slightly cooler with a light breeze making our garden in the shade of the big tipuana tree the perfect outdoor lounge. On my birthday party invitation I told my friends to arrive any time between 10:30 and 17:00 in the afternoon for cake and tea (and by ‘tea’, I meant bubbly!)

As I told you last week, I specifically wanted to make most of the cakes myself even though doing this represented quite a risk, given my (relatively) little experience at these things. But, somewhere in between my new food processor and the love which went into the process it turned out brilliantly. What a privilege to be to be able to serve up my creations to a very appreciative crowd –in a long and brilliant afternoon filled with laughter and stories, the only moments of silence seemed to be when fresh helpings of cheesecake were dished up. 

Thanks to everybody for pitching up, eating, hugging, laughing and sharing.

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